Agent Alexis Fedor: Uncovered

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Agent Alexis Fedor: Uncovered

Agent Alexis has been to 2 events so far (Philadephia and Brooklyn), and has been directly responsible for keeping me focused as I continue to plan bigger and better Guerilla Haiku adventures.  In her non-haikuing time she is an actor, a social media guru, and founder of the online company and community Love + Water Designs.  Check out their Indie-go-go campaign!!!  The featured haiku is one of her creations, and is just one of many beauties that she chalked all over Philly.  She inspires me.  Here are some other words from her:

1) What is your favorite haiku?  (Either self-created or created by others)…

An ‘Oh’ from Shakespeare – Holds the emotional weight – Of a thousand hearts.  (The featured one….clearly my favorite too ;-)

2) What is one thing you have never attempted, that you have always wanted to try?

Competitive ballroom dancing

3) What do you do when you need to reconnect with your creative self?

Spend the day alone, wandering around the city, wherever I feel compelled to go, and allow inspiration to come to me.

4) What was a favorite moment from one of your Guerilla Haiku Adventures?

bonding with so many of the teammates, and keeping in touch after.  Really special connections were made that I won’t soon forget.

5) Is there something exciting happening in your life right now that all assembled Haiku Agents should know about?

Hmmm…nothing on the conscious level.  Quite a bit on the sub-conscious level.  Unfortunately, there are no words for that at the moment…