First GHM Event hosted by Celeste in McAllen, TX!

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First GHM Event hosted by Celeste in McAllen, TX!

Here are Celeste’s reflections on her experiences:

The day of the event, I was nervous, but excited. My event started at 11, so I got to the meeting place at 10:30. At 11 people started showing up, and at 11:30 I said an opening speech that explained how the event will carry out.

All 3 adult advocates showed up, but only 6 out of the 15 people who committed to coming actually showed up, so I made 2 teams of 6 out of the people who did come, and I included myself in one of the teams.

We had an hour and a half to write haikus; at 1:30 we met back at the cafe.  Teams chose their favorite haiku and wrote them on a poster. Instead of individuals voting for their favorite haiku, we asked people who were in the cafe to choose their favorite poem.   

Their favorite was this:

Stop to catch your breath
Keep going to do your best
Run all the way home

By reviewing the reflections, everyone who participated said they really enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again if given the chance. The participants also said they worked well with their group members and passers-by who they got to participate. They had an enjoyable experience that they won’t forget. Most passers-by enjoyed what we were doing also- one random lady told me that she liked what we were doing and found it creative and interesting.

The main idea behind my event was to build my community and for different people to come together in a fun, creative way, and I accomplished that. My event was a success, I am proud of the positive impact it made on my community.

Congratulations to Celeste and her Agents of Haiku!

 Check out the photos of their adventures.