Haiku for Lower East Side History Month!

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Haiku for Lower East Side History Month!

May is Lower East Side History Month, and to that end a host of chalking activity was occurring on the opening weekend due to #chalkLES, a multi-organization effort to write historical tidbits on the streets of the Lower East Side.

The organizer of #chalkLES (and generally amazing LES mover-and-shaker), Ryan Gilliam, invited Guerilla Haiku to add some more chalkdust to the scene. To which we resoundingly said YES!

On the eve of our Saturday frolics, I decorated my beloved Tenement Museum with haiku inspired by its work and mission.

But the day truly began in Seward Park where the melting pot of the Lower East Side was out in full force. After getting some Jehovah’s Witnesses to translate their message into 17-syllables, snapping a photo of a group of @janeswalk participants posing with their Jane Jacobs haiku, and being inspired by a young man translating his glorious haiku into Chinese so his mother could appreciate it with him- we headed onwards!

Next up, the Henry Street Settlement, celebrating Lillian Wald (their founder’s) birthday. And we chalked into a multicultural joyful block-party!! We found ample inspiration (and participated in a number of group dances). Check out our odes to a very special neighborhood!

To Haiku!

Water, clean water - nothing better when I thirst - we are so lucky
Shaking it today - The LES rocking it out - Chayanne and MC
Jenna's Art is bright - I like to have fun with art - I can do it all!
exercise brings joy - you can tell these hips don't lie - Get up NOW and try!
Thanks to all who came - to Henry Street Settlement - Block Party today
Cultures Converging - Ices, popcorn, and dancing - Languages merging
LES is home - So many activities - Lots of access here Rosa and Millie)
Longing to be free - she inhaled thetoxic fumes - he forgot his keys
Much creativity happening
ghm575 May 17, 2014
Agents of Haiku big and small
Goddess Jane Jacobs - Historic Preservation - LES thanks you! #Janewalks
100 years plus - Henry Street provides service - to the LES
Balloons and Chalk
ghm575 May 17, 2014
Haiku Dictations
ghm575 May 17, 2014
Goddess Jane Jacobs - Historic Preservation - LES thanks her
Sharon is 5 now - she likes to draw in purple - this is her flower
Sharon contemplates
ghm575 May 17, 2014
First haiku of the day
ghm575 May 17, 2014
Looks like trouble...
ghm575 May 17, 2014
Home of Immigrants - of the past and of today - Honor their (our) Stories!

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