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Why Guerilla Haiku?

  • joy
  • to be inspired by that which is around you
  • to engage all people in small acts of creation
  • getting chalky
  • to celebrate the temporary and the virtually permanent
  • as an adventure with the unknown
  • joy

In a Nutshell

Guerilla Haiku events are hosted (by me, or by you, or by someone else who is special) in cities all the world over. People unite, are given a neighborhood map, a scavenger hunt, a bucket of sidewalk chalk and a 3-pronged mission: to cover as much of their given neighborhood as possible in haiku inspired by that neighborhood, to engage as many people as possible in the process, and to document their adventures with photos.

Sign Up

If you wish to become an Agent of Haiku CLICK HERE, send me photos of your haiku adventures, like us on Facebook, comment on that which moves you, or check out out Events page to participate in a haiku event in your town. Whatever your level of engagement, we invite you to join in the MOVEMENT!

The Haiku Mistress

Actor and Educator, Caley Vickerman, discovered haiku in 6th grade and (despite a brief obsession with magnetic poetry in high school) they remain to this day a favorite method of expression; simple, precise and immeasurably powerful.
She liked to write them on bar napkins and on her hand and in a wee orange book her Jessica-friend gave her expressly for that purpose.  She  gave them to the people she adored and to random passers-by (for they could at any moment become people that she adored).  She found that others loved them too.  Haiku became a game that everyone could play.
It became her fervent wish to create events that celebrated haiku (and humanity).  Thus the Guerilla Haiku Movement was born!  And the Haiku Mistress gratefully continues to celebrate!