Introducing Hands Inc.

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Introducing Hands Inc.

Hands Inc. does serious work.  Seriously awesome work.  They are committed to the city of Orange, New Jersey.  Committed to its thriving on every level; arts, education, environment.  They are community-building movers and shakers at the deepest level.

April 14th is their Place-making Event, a yearly bash that allows them to bring their community together and directly showcase their work.

…And Guerilla Haiku is going to be featured in this year’s Event!

After my visit to their incredible loft-of-an-office in downtown Orange, NJ, to discuss Guerilla Haiku with their Outreach Guru, Molly and her amazing Vista Intern, Patricia-  we went on a tour of the city to scope out potential haiku locations.

Here’s what I experienced:

…Hot dogs.  Hydroponic Greenhouses…

The MOST amazing murals hiding in the most unlikely places.  Courtyards with homemade ovens and stone circles.  And a magical little warehouse of a building that is filled with the desire to share creative energies.  Orange is teeming with creative life.  And I am so happy that Guerilla Haiku will be a part of it!  See you on the 14th!

For more on the work at Hands Inc., check out their website: