Haiku Reflections on Bike JC Event!

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Haiku Reflections on Bike JC Event!


Sun. Brilliant. Bright
A host of friendly bikers
Rolling through our town.

Breeze off the Hudson
Neighbors cheering us from stoops
As we coast on by.


Music awaits us
Along with fresh, orange mango
Juice drips down our chins.

Officially Spring
Now that my bike’s all tuned up
Thank you Bike JC!!

New places & new friends - Getting to know my town - NY as Backdrop
Love is the source of - Living a full balanced life - Open to it all
I'm tired and hot - delicious empanadas - Cold beer is tasty
Important sound guy - Makes everyone sound great - Be sure to thank him!
Across the Hudson - from bustling Babylon - I have found my home.
Syllable counting
ghm575 2595 days ago
Find a spot of shade - Have a delicious beverage - And enjoy the view!
Are you feeling tense - Try a five minute massage - It will set you right!
Welcome back, bikers! - Eat and drink and be merry - Furthermore, HAIKU!
15 miles biked; Wow! - Our bikes did a great job! - Now for festival!
ghm575 2595 days ago
Yelp! connects the world - Giving us a space to share - All our opinions!
Sunburn is itchy - Aloe Vera feels cooling - Chicks dig nice tans
History-tending - Celebrating what WAS to - Point towards the Future
Rocking in Greenville - Building strong Communities - One Home at a time!
Chalk is for us ALL - with dusty hands we share thoughts - All in Haiku form!
Welcome back, bikers! - Our Adventures Ended...or - Have they JUST begun??
Bicicletistas - Ya Vamonos a montar - Disfruta el Sol
At the Starting Line
ghm575 2595 days ago
Pedal Together - throughout all Jersey City - Making our own Breeze!

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