Samuel Gompers HS Garden Launch, May 31st, 2013

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Samuel Gompers HS Garden Launch, May 31st, 2013

Hot day. 90 degrees in the shade. And there was very little shade to be found in this relentless school parking lot in Mott Haven, BX.

But there we all were, a group of tenacious teenagers from Gompers HS known as the Green Team under the advisement of their teacher, Angela Mazza, me, and a host of other students, teachers and community members to bear witness to the opening of an entirely vertical garden in the school parking lot.

The young men and women hoisted felt planters to different levels on the chain link fence, adding color and green to the barren space. And we saw a garden happen, right before our eyes! Magical!

They dedicated the garden to a neighborhood leader, firefighter and hero, Angel Juarbe, whose family was there to cut the ribbon on the new garden. But these photos are dedicated to the Green Team themselves, for proving that teenagers, when given the opportunity are capable of Greatness!!

Thanks for the inspiration, Green Team!!!

If you want a complete set of photos, check out the Flickr album HERE!