GHM: CityLife Youth Group, December 2nd, 2012

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TeamBuilding USA, the sponsor for Guerilla Haiku’s Texas Tour is affiliated with the CityLife Youth Group and partnered me with them to facilitate an event in and around the Bedford, TX area.

This dynamic and creative group of teens, teen leaders, and supportive adults wreaked haiku havoc in the malls, parks and sidewalks of Bedford and its environs. Our Closing Ceremony at the CityLife offices in Euless ended appropriately, with pizza (and a delivery-boy-written haiku) and the most amazing haiku cheer I have yet to experience.

Enjoy the Top Photos!!

Pizza Delivery Boy Writes Haiku
We are in free birds - Giant Burritos are made - It's the bomb dot com
Team Northeast Mall!!!
ghm575 4201 days ago
Naomi can handstand - Alissa can handstand too - Now watch them go!!
Alissa writes in Japanese!
ghm575 4201 days ago
The pen-maker philanthropists!
Team Bob Eden GROUP SHOT
ghm575 4201 days ago
Pig Latin!
ghm575 4201 days ago
Greek to me!
ghm575 4201 days ago
JAPANESE haiku!!!
ghm575 4201 days ago
Deep Conversations - Between 2 seeming strangers - Brings each one closer

If you want to see the rest of the photos from the CityLife Youth Group, click HERE for the Flickr Collection!