GHM Dallas: December 1st, 2012

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Thanks to the Dallas Flea, I had a place to start my Dallas adventures with ample inspiration!

Jesse (aka the MOST amazing security guard in the universe) guarded my table against the hot Dallas wind that ripped through the South Side of Dallas at breakneck speeds.

We wrote haiku about vendors, and small businesses over on Lamar- and tried to get them to play as well, but our most exciting moment happened between two sisters who initially needed parking, but returned to write haiku.

The elder sister approached me and asked if she could write a sister-tribute. “I’ve been having a really hard year” she said, “and my sister has really been there for me”

Clearly, I was not going to say her nay…

My sister loves me
Cradling my heart in hand
Such a gentle push

Is what emerged on the sidewalk- and the younger sister, once finding it, embraced her sister in a hug so tight, faces disappeared becoming one sister-body. We all cried. And were happy. And they walked off soon after arm-in-arm.

Then I called my sister ;-)

Enjoy the Top Photos, Y’all- Including a HAPPENING at the Opening Celebration of the new Perot Museum, where museum-goers could not say enough awesome things about the museum and it’s offerings!!!!

And the glorious Closing Ceremony at the Foundry, where tons of late-afternoon beer-garden-goers took up chalk and decorated the garden and it’s tables with haiku!

Table Talk
ghm575 December 20, 2012
cats, cats, cats, cats, cats - oh they bring me so much joy - cats, cats, cats, cats, cats
The spirit of life - comes slowly, a progression - of love and peace and...
New job starts Monday - Friends are always in my heart - Happy and sad now
Museum Reflections!
ghm575 December 20, 2012
Thank you Perot team - For your generosity - We appreciate
Bring your daughter and son - To let them see the dinosaurs - And have lots of fun!
A Frog haiku and creative wee ones!
ghm575 December 20, 2012
we came on a whim - we were quite surprised to find - Dallas is fun
Dallas finally - Gets with the science program - No more Ft. Worth treks!
we agree.
ghm575 December 20, 2012
Dallas is the place - dreams come true for everyone - so DARE to dream BIG
Older and Younger together
ghm575 December 20, 2012
Agent Daniel Gets Creative
ghm575 December 20, 2012
Mother and Daughter
ghm575 December 20, 2012
Evan and Lupo - walking through Dallas today - walking in the sun
Angie is working - why 2pm in Terrell? - From Addison, yo

If you want to see the rest of the photos from Dallas, click HERE for the Flickr Collection!