Minneapolis 09.24.2011





Home Base is dusty – Waiting for a game to start – Where are the Players?

September 24, 2011 dawned bright and beautiful. Guerilla Haiku: Minneapolis was just one of hundreds of events of 100,000 Poets for Change, the amazing movement uniting poets from all over the world to engage in creative expression on the same day in places the world over. We found out about them through the grapevine and were thrilled to have the opportunity to act in tandem with them!

A record number of participants met in the Minneapolis Rose Garden and made their way out into 5 neighborhoods in the city, Loring Park, Lynhust, LynLake, Powderhorn Park and Gold Medal Park.

By the end of day we had communally written over 500 haiku, leaving Minneapolis even more lovely than we had found it… An improbable feat!

All our neighborhoods are documented in our Flickr Gallery.  The Top Photos are below, for your viewing enjoyment!

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