Madison 09.18.2011






Impermanence is – infinitely beautiful – cherish this moment.

Madison, my dear Alma Mater.  Land of Sifting and Winnowing, Holstein Sailboats and Drunk Busses.  Oh how I adore this wee city between lakes.

My time here was limited and it did rain this miserable, cold rain the entirety of the time I was there- BUT Sheilah, Becca (and her lovely fellow Med Students) and I were not deterred from our adventure.  Willy Street Festival was ALSO that day, and ALSO rained-upon, but as is true of most Midwesterners, we do not let weather hamper our good times (otherwise we would never do ANYTHING).  So we joined the Festival-goers for some community chalking.

There’s something especially magical about creating something and watching it fade almost immediately.  And indeed, there was something very quietly magical about much of Guerilla Haiku’s stay in Madison.  There were some unlikely friendships forged between a black-clad Philosopher-Poet and a baseball-cap-wearing Scientist, a host of things created by a 6-year-old chalk wielder, a connection made at the Peace Corps table, and a set of dear interactions with a sprite of a woman named Sariah.

Such a good day!  Below are some of the best-  or you can view all of ‘em on our Flickr Gallery HERE

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