Chicago 09.10.2011







Now when we look up – Mortality remembered – We see each other

September 10th, 2011: Gotham City-

Chicago, land of clean lines, Lakeshore views, and good Midwestern spirits was rather reluctant to open its public spaces to works of poetry.

Perhaps the chalking was not celebrated by security folks and other uniformed officials, but the Movement continued nonetheless, hiding out on neighborhood street corners, college campuses, and rooftops. On Day Two, we were inspired by the wild and wonderful Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park.  Chicago could not help but inspire us on this tenth anniversary of 9/11, and we celebrate it’s beauty in the following photos. Thanks to Marwan Fateen, Amy Liss, Andrew Caravella, Suzy Blas, Bill Oakley, Mark Seiler, Keith Tromiczak, Grady Linnihan, the DePaul kids (William, Peter and Shannon) and all others that (inadvertantly or no) played with us.

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