Spring Event Dates

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Spring Event Dates

Spring’s emerging – but a March spent further South – Speeds it all along.

Oh dear, Ladies and Gentlemen, winter is purportedly in full swing (though you wouldn’t think so with all of the no-jacket wearing happening in the Northeast right now), and Guerilla Haiku is gearing up for it’s second season of haiku adventures.  Hooray!

On the Agenda: New Orleans and Orange, NJ and Manhattan, with Boston and another stint in Philadelphia in serious contemplation.  Give us reasons to head your way, and we shall endeavor to do it!

But first- New Orleans.  Oh the magic of this city.  I was connected through a Jersey City kindred spirit to the organization Historic Green that has organized an impressive volunteer effort over the last 5 years to do green restoration and construction in still-ravaged parts of the Ninth Ward.  After contacting them, and speaking to a number of amazing volunteer organizers, I was determined to make my way down, work with them for the two week-long cycles, and create two Guerilla Haiku events for their volunteers allowing them to celebrate and reflect on their experiences, as well as connecting them to the larger New Orleans community.

Looking so forward to this challenge.  And looking so forward to living and working in New Orleans for two full weeks.  Tell me what not to miss, and I shall obey.