Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Day Festival goes Guerilla!

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Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Day Festival goes Guerilla!

Sustainable Cherry Hill organizes a yearly Earth Day Festival gathering community organizations, schools and residents together to celebrate their community and talk about issues of sustainability.  Guerilla Haiku was invited by organizers this Saturday  to train a group of high school volunteers to get fest-goers writing haiku about Earth Day.  Many exciting things happened;

A) The high school Agents of Haiku fully embraced their mission (to get EVERYONE to write at least one haiku) and approached as many people as they could find thereby initiating conversations with and between 100s of strangers, impressing me and all people lucky enough to interact with them with their enthusiasm, commitment and positive energy.

B) Haiku were written in Turkish, Bangladeshi, Italian, Spanish, French, and Japanese making the polyglotism of the Cherry Hill community impressive indeed.

C) People embraced the Festival’s purpose and wrote many haiku of an environmental ilk!

D) An enormously good time was had by all!

Over 300 total haiku were written through the course of the festival, and a sampling of them are available below for your viewing enjoyment!   Thanks to Sustainable Cherry Hill and our amazing Agents of Haiku for a lovely day of celebration!

All of us with our Handiwork!
ghm575 2711 days ago
and standing together!
ghm575 2711 days ago
ghm575 2711 days ago
A Disney legend - he comes from beyond greatness - The wonder of Walt
Pillar of strength, hope - Character Education - It should be innate
One rose is blooming - Yet another is wilting - Sacrifice is made
Lilacs and cherry trees - Should be blooming in May first - April is too soon!
Meet their steely gaze - Explain how you did Nothing - but let the world BURN
Have a good Earth Day - Reduce Reuse Recycle - WE can save the world!
Coffee makes me smile - Especially in the AM - Bring me some NOW please!
The earth is special - Like a Friend, their always there - So have a nice day!
Rob wears many hats Biker, volunteer, and more - Man with Camera
Replace your windows - Save energy and money - Don't waste resources
Philly P - Like a tr but more fluffy - I'm scared of his tail!
Daniel's Chalk Art!
ghm575 2711 days ago
The moon bounce is fun - Earth Day Festival is fun - Save our planet Earth
Earth is important - Water, food and other stuff - Because it just is.
Team Melissa tags a volunteer with a haiku!
a place for resting - soaking in the midday sun - her, right now, enough
We shine best as one - Therefore let's shine together - And make earth greener!

If you want a complete set of photos, check out the Flickr album HERE!