Green Schools Alliance NYC 2013

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Green Schools Alliance NYC 2013

In 2007 a consortium of schools on the Upper East Side got together to DO SOMETHING as school communities to protect the environment. 6 years later over 2500 schools are members of the Green Schools Alliance, making an international impact spearheaded by students, teachers and parents across the globe.

Inspiring, no?

The Lycee Francais de NY hosted this year’s Green Schools Alliance Earth Day Conference with sponsor, Veggiecation, an amazing organization dedicated to nutrition education for youth. Guerilla Haiku made an appearance to get people writing about the themes of the conference, and reflect on our school’s roles in making a positive impact on the environment!

Here’s a favorite from the day:

Children lead the way
conserving and inspiring
there is hope for us!

Check out these photos and let them challenge you to consider ways in which YOU can make an impact!!!


  • Iyguadd

    This is so amazing!!! ^_^

    • Haiku Mistress

      ;-) Iyguadd! Come become a haikuist yourself on June 16th in Central Park. Invite coming NOW!

  • Marckus Billups

    i like this photo it is so creative.

    • Haiku Mistress

      Thanks, Marckus! The GSA event was SO amazing, and just wait until you see my next post from a group I met at the GSA conference!!!

    • Haiku Mistress

      Thanks, Marckus!