Guerilla Tales: Atlanta

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Guerilla Tales: Atlanta

The teeming crowds exited the Midtown Arts Center en masse.  One small band of Haiku Agents was awaiting them.  In his best booming voice Agent Haddon (formerly a Boston tour guide) announced,

“Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen

(…are you sure it wasn’t Coney Island that you learned these skills, Agent


Haddon…?) “Participate in a new Public Art experience directly from NEW YORK CITY!”


“New York City?!?” the crowd was curious…and found itself herded in the direction of our Agents and their chalk… “What am I supposed to do?”

Thus a Movement was born on the grounds of the Midtown Art Center, where a girl child in a bright pink coat led the way and 50-odd art-goers became spontaneous haikuists.   Artists in their own right.  Guerilla artists.  With chalk in one hand…counting syllables with the other.

I wasn’t there, but when Agent Haddon recounted the tale at our merry Closing Ceremony- he was full of the kind of energy reserved for the young and the joyful.  He made it live for me.  As do these photos:

May that moment live for you too!  To Haiku!

Midtown Arts Center Gallery

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